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(I)Brand Image
SOK brand has three letters, which is easy for memory, identification and good for transmission. Letter "S" stands for the "Sun, Sunlight", which match with the character of Jinli. "OK" means "Good, Right, Approve", which embodies the reputation and credit of the enterprise. Green colour expresses the vitality, environmental protection, safety and modern sense, which embodies the trend and culture of the enterprise.

Agent Police
1. Payment terms
Agent will have preferential payment terms as there is no need for deposit to start the production.
2. Price
Agent will have preferential price to develop the market
3. Bonus
Upon the expiration of the agreement, if the agent over fulfills the total turnover which confirm by each side, Jinli will pay bonus to agent for the over amount of the turnover.
4. Advertising and Publicity Expenses
A. Within the duration of the agreement ,Jinli will provide AD materials (include advertisement lamp-boxes, show panel, product or company poster, catalog, leaflet, product samples, AD pen, umbrella, T-shirt, etc.) to agent to support them to do the promotion
B. Jinli will support expenses for advertising and brand publicizing in agent's local media such as TV, broadcasting, magazine, newspapers, etc.
5. Conference support
Jinli will sponsor the award when the agent convenes the marketing conference or new products press conference.
6. Brand
Jinli will register the SOK brand in agent's country, which saves the time and cost for the agent.
7. Other support
Jinli will provide the professional designer to make the decoration scheme of franchised store for you. We can design the poster, packing, name card, etc, for you.

Technical advantage
All SOK products are produced by imported advanced technology. Based on principles of independent innovation principles, we have established our own national standard lab whose operation completely follows the ISO 17025 lab standard. Our management system already applies to CNAS for approval. Our R&D team has more than 100 members, and most of them are the senior specialists of electrical trade, with several years’ design and exploited experience. They are familiar with the products and technology, and comprehend the trend of product development. At the same time, we also build up the strategic cooperation partnerships with universities and technological enterprises both at home and overseas.

Product advantage
Jinli abundant products cover electrical and lighting products, including intelligent switches & socket, wall switches & sockets, extension socket, lighting fixture, grill lamp fixture, magnetic or electronic ballast, energy saving lamp, ceiling lamp, down light, exhaust fans, distribution box,
PVC adhesive belt, plastic or metal box, etc. These abundant products provide you the one-station service, save your searching time and offer convenience for you to control the quality.

Quality advantage
Since 1985, Jinli have focused on the quality control. We firmly believe quality is the life of the enterprise. To have a strict quality control system and perfect production system is what we do all the times. Our quality control department has more than 150 staff. All the procedures, including raw materials inspection, spare part or hardware part inspection, production self-inspection, sample testing, small quantity production, batch production, QC inspection, aging testing, etc, are finished under the quality control system. This guarantees high quality of our products. We have cooperated with FORTUNE 500 Companies for more than 10 years. During these 10 years, we completely pass their strict and improved quality control standard. That makes us able to provide your good products and service.

Service advantage
We have export license and we have our own customer center composed of senior sales, senior technical engineers, shipment operators and custom operators. Our attentive customer service staff provides you with the all-around technical support and excellent customer service. Jinli employees have excellent service consciousness. We put customer's satisfaction at the first place, and make each customer to be our long term partner.

(III)Franchised Store Image

Electric Product, Lighting Product
    1. Wall Switch
    2. Our W80 series wall switch has a classic and elegant design. This series feature slim profiles. The screwless front plates are only 7mm.
      The approved safety shutter used on our W80 series wall switches prevents...
    1. Electronic Ballast
    2. 1.Our ballast features quality casting. Thus it is safe and moist resistant.
      2.It is lightning-proof
      3.Our electronic ballast has high operation frequency, has no flicker or noise and is energy efficient....
    1. Standard Ceiling Lamp
    2. The standard ceiling lamp is energy-saving as a result of the adoption of high efficiency Tri-phosphor sources and low temperature rising energy saving electronic ballast.
      The flange designed at the bottom ...
    1. T5 Tube Grill Lamp Fixture
    2. The T5 tube grill lamp fixture is installed with parabolic reflector, so it can send out bright light and won't dazzle our customers. Besides, it should be stressed that our T5 tube grill lamp fixture won't reflect the light ...