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Electronic Ballast
  • High Power Factor Electronic Ballast
  • T5 Electronic Ballast
  • A-6 Electronic Ballast
  • T3 Super-thin Electronic Ballast
  • Standard Electronic Ballast

Electronic Ballast

Characteristics of our electronic ballast
1. It is a quality electronic ballast in terms of electro magnetic compatibility, or simply called EMC. High power factor=0.98.
2. Our ballast features quality casting. Thus it is safe and moist resistant.
3. It is lightning-proof.
4. Our electronic ballast has high operation frequency, has no flicker or noise and is energy efficient.

Magnetic Ballast
  • 35F 35X Magnetic ballast
  • 50 Magnetic ballast
  • 60ARUS Magnetic ballast
  • 60P Magnetic ballast
  • 60X Magnetic ballast
  • 70C Magnetic ballast
  • 70F Magnetic ballast
  • 70X Magnetic ballast
  • 80P Magnetic ballast
  • 90T Magnetic ballast

Magnetic Ballast

Characteristics of our electronic ballast
1. In normal operations, there is only a low temperature rise.
2. It has a service life of more than 10 years.
3. We use vacuum dipping lacquer for the ballast so that normally the ballast produces no noise.
4. The ballast has great heat resistance and can work at a maximum temperature of 120℃.

5. Our magnetic ballast performs stably.


We are an experienced Chinese manufacturer and supplier of electronic ballasts and magnetic ballasts. Our electrical appliances also include light fixture, light, lamp, switch and socket.

We import critical components of our appliances from overseas, thus ensuring high quality and good performances. Our competitive electrical appliances are extensively used in various places, such as houses, schools, offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, banks, shopping centers, etc.

If you are in need of the electronic and magnetic ballasts or any other electrical appliances, our products will suit you well. Further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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