Wall Switch, W80 Series
Our quality and stylish W80 series switch is extensively used in many environments.

Child safety
The cover and base of our wall switch are respectively made of Germany Bayer PC materials and transparent PC materials featuring fire resistance and high temperature resistance. The socket is anti-static, and it adopts close-end structure, auto shutter sheet, metal plate and grounding safety.

Designed with the unique shock absorption device, our wall switch can reduce the friction in operational process. Thus, it can ensure your safety. The wall switch even can be used in the dankish environment.

Long life time
The switch uses super big sliver connection. Its on-off life time is over the national standard. Besides, our wall switch is anti-fatigue, so its quality is further guaranteed.

Fashion design
Our 25 years manufacturing experience and strong R&D capacity, coupled with product humanistic design, simply style, accurate technics and environmental protection materials, contribute to our fashionable products.

Accurate Technics
The production process of our wall switch includes injection, installation plate processing, brass processing, product installation, product packing, etc. Each SOK product has more than 100 exact manufacture procedures. Our wall switch is famous for its safety performance, as we do its safety inspection works in strict accordance with national standards. It's been the strongly support and proof for SOK products

Characteristics of our W80 series wall switch
1.Our W80 series wall switch has a classic and elegant design. This series feature slim profiles. The screwless front plates are only 7mm.
2.We provide switches made with both plastic and metal plates. Also, the plastic and metal plates have different finishes.
3.Our W80 series switch uses bipolar circuits. So the switches are safer to use.
4.This series of our wall switches is in conformity with BS EN60669 and BS1363.
5.The approved safety shutter used on our W80 series wall switches prevents misuse and unsafe access to live circuitry. Thus users feel safe to use our switches.

This is the metal supporting frame of our W80 series wall switch.

The screws of our W80 switch are at the back. The captive terminals face upwards and make installation easier.

Cover size

Concealed boxes

Installation Way

Wiring diagram

Feedback Form
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