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    1. Energy Saving Lamp (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)The energy saving lamp, also called compact fluorescent light or energy saving light, is a kind of fluorescent lamp. Compared with common incandescent lamp, our energy saving lamp is energy-saving and has long service life. Nowadays, it is widely used to replace incandescent lamp. ...
    1. Ceiling LampThe ceiling lamp is usually installed on the surface of the ceiling. Various lamp tubes can be used in it, including incandescent tubes, fluorescent tubes, high intensity gas discharge lamps, halogen tungsten lamps, and more.
    1. Downlight 1. Our horizontal installation downlight has aesthetic appearance, and its decorative effect is quite good.
      2. Various downlights are available in our company.
      3. It is anti-strobe, so it effectively protects the eyes of our customers.

Other Lighting products

Light or lamp is an electrical device used to create artificial light in dark places, and it is widely used in households, offices, workshops, supermarkets, department stores, hotels, and more.

Currently, the energy saving lamp gains the popularity among global customers, as a result of its properties of energy saving, no noise, no stroboscopic light, and soft light. At this circumstance, our company produces a variety of energy saving lamp, compact fluorescent lamp, ceiling lamp, and downlight. These products are available in various specifications.

As a primary light or lamp manufacturer based in China, Jinli Electrical Appliance Company constantly strives for providing a variety of grill lamp fixtures, wall sockets, ballasts, etc, to our global customers.

Due to reliable quality and affordable prices, our CE, ROHS, CB, and CCC certified products are widely exported to England, Spain, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Please do contact Jinli Company, should you have any inquiries about any of our products. We are competent and are your one stop shopping centre for all your lamp needs.

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    1. Electronic Ballast
    2. 1.Our ballast features quality casting. Thus it is safe and moist resistant.
      2.It is lightning-proof
      3.Our electronic ballast has high operation frequency, has no flicker or noise and is energy efficient....
    1. Magnetic Ballast
    2. In normal operations, there is only a low temperature rise.
      It has a service life of more than 10 years.
      We use vacuum dipping lacquer for the ballast so that normally the ballast produces no noise...
    1. Fluorescent Light Fixture
    2. The streamline lamp body design makes our fluorescent lighting fixture look beautiful and elegant.
      The lamp holder adopts radial propulsion and revolving design, so it guarantees a good contact of fluorescent tube and lamp holder. Besidesl ...
    1. Lamp Fixture
    2. 1. Our lamp fixture adopts parabolic design, thus achieves good reflecting refraction effect.
      2. It is energy-saving and won't make our customers feel dazzling.
      3. SOK energy saving ballast is adopted to extend the...