Energy Saving Lamp (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)

Energy Saving Lamp (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)

The energy saving lamp, also called compact fluorescent light or energy saving light, is a kind of fluorescent lamp. Compared with common incandescent lamp, our energy saving lamp is energy-saving and has long service life. Nowadays, it is widely used to replace incandescent lamp.

We can provide various specifications of energy saving lamps for you. The energy saving lamps whose powers range from 3W to 5W, and lengths are in the range of 50 to 360mm are available in our company.

3U Series Energy Saving Lamp (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)

Technical Parameters

Model No Spec Lamp Dia Tube Length Tube Dia Size Packing Size Pcs/Ctn
ESL-3US-7 7W 41 45 φ9 41×55×105 450×230×180 50
ESL-3US-9 9W 41 55 φ9 41×55×115 450×230×180 50
ESL-3US-11 11W 41 65 φ9 41×55×125 450×230×180 50
ESL-3US-13 13W 41 75 φ9 41×55×135 450×230×180 50
Model No Spec Lamp Dia Tube Length Tube Dia Size Packing Size Pcs/Ctn
ESL-3U-15 15W 52 65 φ12 52×75×145 555×285×205 50
ESL-3U-18 18W 52 75 φ12 52×75×155 555×285×205 50
ESL-3U-20 20W 52 85 φ12 52×75×165 555×285×205 50
ESL-3U-24 24W 52 105 φ12 52×75×185 555×285×205 50

Jinli Company is a leading energy saving lamp or compact fluorescent light manufacturer located in China. Our products mainly include grill lamp fixture, fluorescent light fixture, wall switch, wall socket and ballast.

Our products are widely used in households, schools, workshops, offices, hospitals, banks, supermarkets, department stores, and more, as a result of their reliable performance and reasonable prices.

For any inquiries you have about our energy saving lamps, please contact us by phone or email available in this website. We are competent and are your one stop shopping center for all your lamp needs.

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    1. Electronic Ballast
    2. 1.Our ballast features quality casting. Thus it is safe and moist resistant.
      2.It is lightning-proof
      3.Our electronic ballast has high operation frequency, has no flicker or noise and is energy efficient....
    1. Magnetic Ballast
    2. In normal operations, there is only a low temperature rise.
      It has a service life of more than 10 years.
      We use vacuum dipping lacquer for the ballast so that normally the ballast produces no noise...
    1. Extension Socket
    2. Jinli is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of wall switch and wall socket. The extension socket we make is of high quality and is certified by CE, ROHS, CB and CCC. In addition to wall socket...
    1. Lamp Fixture
    2. 1. Our lamp fixture adopts parabolic design, thus achieves good reflecting refraction effect.
      2. It is energy-saving and won't make our customers feel dazzling...