A2 Series Fluorescent Light Fixture
  • FE-A2-120 FE-A2-130 FE-A2-140
  • FM-A2-120 FM-A2-130 FM-A2-140

A2 Series Fluorescent Light Fixture

1. Powder spray coating technology is applied to the body of the lamp fixture to effectively prevent the lamp from rust, corrosion and fading.
2. High quality PC lamp holder is equipped.
3. SOK brand electronic or magnetic ballast is adopted. It features no noise, low loss and long service life.

Technical Parameters

Model No. Spec. Size Packing Size Pcs/Ctn
FM-A2-120 1×20W Magnetic 625×40×56 640×180×95 12
FM-A2-130 1×30W Magnetic 928×40×56 945×180×95 12
FM-A2-140 1×40W Magnetic 1235×40×56 1250×180×95 12
FE-A2-120 1×20W Electronic 625×40×56 640×180×95 12
FE-A2-130 1×30W Electronic 928×40×56 945×180×95 12
FE-A2-140 1×40W Electronic 1235×40×56 1250×180×95 12
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