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    1. T8 Tube Grill Lamp FixtureThe T8 tube grill lamp fixture our company manufactured has various types for your choices, including embed mounted type, surface mounted type, plastic cover type (prismatic or opal), and euro type. Their detailed information is specified in the following text...
    1. T5 Tube Grill Lamp FixtureThe T5 tube grill lamp fixture is installed with parabolic reflector, so it can send out bright light and won't dazzle our customers. Besides, it should be stressed that our T5 tube grill lamp fixture won't reflect the light on the screen of computer, so it won't make our customers feel visual fatigue.
    1. PL Pipe Grill Lamp FixtureThe PL pipe grill lamp fixture is equipped with fluorescent lamp which has properties of small volume, long service life, high efficiency, and environment protection.
      It is widely used in offices, showrooms, meeting rooms, department stores, and more.

Lamp Fixture

Features of Lamp Fixture
1. Our lamp fixture adopts parabolic design, thus achieves good reflecting refraction effect.
2. It is energy-saving and won't make our customers feel dazzling.
3. SOK energy saving ballast is adopted to extend the service life and improve the performance of the lamp fixture.
4. It is easy to install and disassemble.
5. Various thicknesses of lamp body and materials of reflector are available in our company.

Applications of Lamp Fixture
The lamp fixture is widely used in offices, department stores, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, workshops, warehouses, pharmaceutical factories.

Materials of Lamp Fixture
1. Mirror reflecting aluminum
The mirror reflecting aluminum has properties of high reflectivity, easy cleaning, and non-fading.
2. Matt reflecting aluminum
The matt reflecting aluminum won't make you feel dazzling. It is not easy to fade.
3. Stainless steel
The stainless steel has good reflection effect. It is antioxidative and won't fade.
4. Iron
The iron is coated with aluminum sheet. It is cheap and has good reflection effect.
5. Plastic cover
The plastic cover is imported from abroad, and has properties of being fire-proof and dust-proof. It helps the lamp send out soft light and have good light distribution performance.

Pictures of Materials

Reflector Shape
I shape: single parabolic
V-shape: double parabolic

Jinli Electrical Appliance Company is a professional lamp fixture manufacturer based in China. Founded in 1985, our company is dedicated to providing our customers with superior quality grill lamp fixture, fluorescent light fixture, and energy saving lamp at competitive prices.

Up to now, all our products have successfully passed through CE, ROHS, CB and CCC certificates. They are well accepted by customers from more than thirty countries, including England, Spain, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc.

We are located in Foshan, the famous commercial city in Guangdong Provice, China. Access to convenient transportation reduces the cost of shipping for our customers, and also saves our own purchasing cost of materials.

For more information about our products, please do contact Jinli Electrical Appliance via email or contact addresses available on this website.

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